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These beautifully scented zodiac soy candles are handmade by Willowroot Apothecary Melbourne, Australia. 


Happy Birthday Libra! This is your candle :) Librans are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, symmetry, harmony and peace. Although Librans have strong personalities they love to be in a partnership, they are always striving for justice and fairness and become upset when their relationships are out of equilibrium, they need their scales to be weighed evenly! Difficult traits of Librans are indecisiveness, laziness, indulgence and excessiveness so this candle has geranium to alleviate worries and frankincense to transport you to the emotional middle ground where Librans feel most comfortable. It also has healing crystals and herbs on top including some rose petals for the beauty-loving Libra! 


Made in Melbourne Australia

Volume: 60 milliliters

Materials: 100 % soy wax, cotton wick, herbs, essential oils, flowers crystals. 



Willowroot Apothecary- Libra Zodiac Soy Candle

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