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These beautifully scented zodiac soy candles are handmade by Willowroot Apothecary Melbourne, Australia. 


This candle is for Aries! They are courageous, determined, confident, optimistic, honest and compassionate but can be impatient, moody, short-tempered and impulsive. They love physical challenges and always seem to be on the go! So in this candle we have lemon and rosemary to support health and the fiery nature of Aries and lavender and marjoram to calm the fire just a little :) and healing herbs, flowers and crystals.


Made in Melbourne Australia

Volume: 60 milliliters

Materials: 100 % soy wax, cotton wick, herbs, essential oils, flowers crystals

Willowroot Apothecary- Aries Zodiac Soy Candle

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