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These beautifully scented zodiac soy candles are handmade by Willowroot Apothecary Melbourne, Australia. 


This is a candle for all the Aquarians! It is 100% soy wax and has a blend of essential oils for Aquarians who are quiet and shy but also eccentric and energetic, they are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love to help others. Aquarians have a strong desire for freedom but love to be surrounded by their vast network of friends and they can come off as detached, guarded and irrational. In this candle we use Neroli, peppermint and coriander to soften the hard-headed and stubborn Aquarius and lavender and comfrey with healing crystals sprinkled on top.


Made in Melbourne Australia

Volume: 60 milliliters

Materials: 100 % soy wax, cotton wick, herbs, essential oils, flowers crystals

Willowroot Apothecary- Aquarius Zodiac Soy Candle

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