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Diameter: Unstretched - 6cm, Stretched - 10-11cm

Dimensions: Height: 4cm, Cat Height - 5cm

Era: New

Signed: Pavone

Style: Stretch Bangle



About Pavone: Pavone jewellery pieces are all made in Paris using the old techniques specific to the work of the galalith. This material made from milk casein, hence the name "Gala" (milk) and lithos (stone), discovered in the late 19th century, is the ancestor of plastics.

The work of the galalith is akin to woodworking for cutting and sanding but requires more different polishing phases to give it a shiny and silky finish.

Galalith shows the immense interest to an infinite color palette of bright and soft colors, light or dark.Each piece is made entirely by hand and requires up to three weeks of work for its realization. Pavone began creating these wonderful pieces more than twenty years, trends and styles mix of old and new.

Pavone (France)Yellow Cat Bracelet

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