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Truly an art! One of a kind! An Edouard Rambaud masterpiece is present in this earrings. The hammered textured characteristic, added with the gripoix and rope chain on the side is no other than an Edouard Rambaud creation. Stunning runway designer statement earrings..

 Edouard Rambaud was a fabulous 1980's designer he created big runway earrings. He was famous for his use of hearts, suns, stars, and crosses in his designs. He made big bold statement pieces using lots of rolled gold and platinum. Rambaud was a designer who shaped his era. Rambaud created very unique and unusual designs that stood out among the Fluro colors of the 1980's. Women wearing Jackets with shoulder pads and dancing around in dirty dancing style leggings all aspired to wearing a piece of jewelery created by Rambaud. 
MATERIAL: Unknown Metal, Rhinestone & Gripoix
COLOR: Gold Tone, Crystal Clear, Red, Green & Coral
CLASP: clip on
DIMENSION: 1.9" long & 1" diameter center piece
ERA: 1970s

EDOUARD RAMBAUD French Designer Vintage Gripoix Rhinestone Earrings

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